Woodheater Repairs

We repair or more accurately completely rebuild woodheaters tweaking their performance. These repairs are not recommended as DIY projects but we are happy to discuss your woodheater problems.

In about 2012, a Coonara salesman told me they made more money by selling a new heater than by supplying a replacement baffleplate for my 1980s Coonara. As a result we started making baffleplates. Now we make longlife baffleplates for most woodheaters used in Australia; We also save people a lot of money by rebuilding old woodheaters.

We have developed techniques to repair grates, firebox liners, heater backs, heat exchangers etc. If we are in your area. we are happy to check out your woodheater to determine what is needed to do a safe repair.

Some Rebuilt Woodheaters

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A rebuilt Norseman Legend Heater

A rebuilt Coonara or Austwood Heater
The owner had a special deal buying direct from the Coonara factory
It looks to me like an Austwood
It had a fault which I fixed during the rebuild

A rebuilt Meridian Merlin 3 Woodheater

A rebuilt Coonara 1400 (about 30 years old)

Our C1400 grate kit, completely redesigned firebricks and new airguide. A year later the customer referred a friend to us.

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