A later model Coonara 1200 Grate replacement

The owner had been scraping the ashes out for a couple of years as the old grate had collapsed.

It was impossible to use the ashtray

A temporary fix had used square steel offcut to block this hole

Our replacement grate installed. Our solution gives a
flat base for the fire and uses standard size firebricks
which are easily available. We add a fire restraint to reduce
burning wood falling out of the fire

An early model Coonara 1200 Grate replacement

When we atarted this job we found the inside of the firebox was different.
Prior to 1988 Coonara used a different grate. Variety makes life interesting.

We had not seen this older model before but were able
to use our standard grate kit to complete the job.
We used extra firebricks and were pleased to do a good job.

The grate from the earlier model is completely different;
The rear of the grate is open right across. Also the firebox is
deeper; from the back of the firebox to the rim around the
firedoor opening is 495mm on the early model.

Top view of the earlier model grate is different but
not easy to detect.

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