Gallery of a Norseman Legend Woodheater Rebuild

The owner did not want to replace what had been a good heater for many years. We gave it a new lease of life.

It had seen better days

Some recent Legend woodheaters are slightly wider than the earlier ones. This was a wider one and it was using a modified baffleplate designed for the earlier model. As a result the side ledges were slightly eroded by the flames. However our baffleplate was wide enough to cover the wear.

We replaced the firebricks cutting them as required and supplied a new back and our baffleplate for the slightly wider model Legend woodheater.

Next the left-hand side of the firebox.

We later relined the firebox floor as it was very thin in places and breaking up to expose bare metal

You are welcome to contact us for advice on rebuilding your woodheater. 🕼