Gallery of a Meridian Merlin 3 Woodheater Repair

We redesigned a firebox ceiling for a Meridian Merlin 3 woodheater.

The original part has seen better days. Our design moves the hinge mechanism away from the direct heat of the fire. It is a complex part. We designed it over the internet and then manufactured and installed it.

A 30-40 yearold Meridian Merlin 3 Heater.

Our redesigned Merlin 3 ceiling with flap.
The hinge is protected from direct heat

A 40 yearold Meridian 3 Heater.
We rebuilt it for the original owner saving him a mint
The flap in the ceiling was completely burnt-out

A rebuilt Meridian 3 Heater.
With our manufactured firebricks and top ceiling
Our Merlin 3 part fitted perfectly

You are welcome to contact us for advice on rebuilding your woodheater. 🕼