Gallery of an Austwood / Coonara Woodheater Rebuild

The owner was certain he had a special deal buying his Coonara from the Coonara factory about 2006. To me it was very similar to an Austwood heater (if anyone knows different, then please correct me). It was giving out very little heat; we got it heating properly.

The airbar was light gauge 20mm RHS. The weld at the centre had failed but the sideweld still held the airbar at the correct height on the right side of the firebox.

On the left side the sideweld had failed and the airbar had dropped about 5cm. As the baffleplate rested on the airbars, it was out of position. This may have been why the heater was giving out very little heat.

We used heavy gauge 25mm tube for the new airbar and fabricated it onsite. Our design has no centre weld to fail. We supported it on brackets welded to the sides of the firebox, rather than welding it to the firebox walls.

The left-hand side of the firebox with the original baffleplates.

The right-hand side of the firebox with the original baffleplates

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