Welcome to Bill the Baffleplate Man's Website

We repair woodheaters and make baffle plates
for most woodheaters used in Australia

A properly heated home is a requirement for good health.
We regard woodheater repairs as an essential service
and if warranted will travel as required during Covid restrictions.

Since 23rd April our website has had Telstra issues.
They expect to fix the problem by 13th June !!!
An NBN crew crushed a cable. I live in a rural suburb !!!
We were using a problematic temporary Telstra backup solution.
We hope that our new solution is working properly
Our switch to NBN is now on hold until the landline is fixed.

Contact Details

You are welcome to contact us for advice on woodheaters and baffleplates.

Thankyou for visiting our website. If you check back in a few days, we hope that you will see some more photos

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