Thoughts on Firebricks

Coonara 2400 rebuild

Firebricks replacing rear castiron liner with firebricks(the side liners were OK) in a 1982 Coonara 2400.
We rebuilt it in 2021 using our redesignd baffleplate system. Photo taken 2023.

Firebricks are used to protect the firebox metal from the intense heat of the fire. If they are damaged the useful life of your heater may be reduced. Some heaters use castiron liners for the same purpose. Castiron can withstand temperatures nearly twice as high as steel; castiron liners may warp badly or crack. They may be replaced by firebricks; normal steel should not be used

We stock standard size firebricks. They measure 230x115x25mm and similar bricks are available in packs of 10 at Bunnings. Firebricks are heavy so are expensive to ship; unless you are closeby we recommend you buy them locally.

Many heaters use special firebricks, most of which are no longer available. When we repair woodheaters we normally redesign things so that stardard-size firebricks can be used in future (See here). In the photo we supplied some metalwork and 1 firebrick was cut.

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