Baffleplates for Austwood Woodheaters

Late Model Austwood 'HiTech' Woodheaters

Most models in Austwood's Hi-Tech range have a rectangular baffleplate with an upward fold at the front and an airbar with holes in it at the back. The baffleplate rests in L-sections at the back and steel pins at the sides towards the front. The L-sections may have been bent flat at some time to make it easier to remove or replace the baffleplate. We make baffleplates for the compact, medium and large models in this range.

We also improve on the original Austwood designs by supplying a baffleplate extention; we believe this improves the heater efficiency getting more warmth from the firewood you burnt. With the extention installed the heater looks more like a top of the range heater inside. We can supply either our basic Austwood baffleplate or our improved version. Our extention is made of the same alloy as the baffleplate, so when they get hot they expand the same amount. Dont make your own from a different material.

Austwood Wentworth Woodheaters

The Wentworth series have a very basic cast iron baffleplate. We make baffleplates for the compact and medium models in this range. Our plates are reinforced so should outlast the standard plates.

Earlier Austwood Woodheaters

Older Austwood heaters had an airbar assembly across the back of the firebox and partway up the sides. The baffleplate rested on top of the airbar assembly and was not attached to it. Sometimes there were 2 sections to the baffleplate.

For the medium model we make a baffleplate and an extension similar to our Hi-Tech product. Because the 2 parts bolt together they strengthen each other and are stronger than the original Austwood design

We also make a replacement airbar assembly for this model. To install it you need to be able to use an angle grinder and a welder. We use heavier gauge metal than Austwood, so our kit should last well.

Other Austwood Woodheaters

We make about 50 different baffleplates, so it is likely that we can supply you with a suitable baffleplate for your heater. Our baffleplate identification page may help you identify the plate you need. Should we not have a suitable baffleplate, then we have a limited special offer to supply one to your specification for a special price of $100

Normally our baffleplates are in stock and can be picked up or shipped promptly.

You are welcome to contact us for advice on woodheaters and baffleplates. 🕼