Baffleplates for Arrow Woodheaters

Early Model Arrow Woodheaters (Pre 1990)

Early model Arrow woodheaters had rectangular baffleplates resting in steel hangers running from the back of the firebox under the baffleplate and then upwards and welded to the top of the firebox. These hangers often fail after about 20 years and are difficult to replace.

Our upgrade kits are designed for use when the hangers fail. The kits increase the baffleplate size so that the inside of the firebox looks like a more modern heater. The extra heat in the house is immediately noticed. For the large model, the baffleplate is about double in size.

If you want more heat from your heater, then we recommend our upgrade kit.

We stock both baffleplates and upgrade kits for the large and medium woodheaters in this range. The upgrade kits do not use the original hangers. The hangers must be removed with an angle grinder before installing the upgrade kit. If the baffleplate hangers are showing signs of wear, then we recommend using our upgrade kit rather than simply replacing the old baffleplate.

Arrow models 2000 and 2400 Woodheaters (Post 1990)

The inbuilt model 2000 and the freestanding model 2400 are both designed to heat a large house. Although these heaters are very similar, Arrow designed different baffleplates for these heaters and we supply 2 plates which are similar to Arrow's original designs. Our model 2000 baffleplate has been significantly strengthened from Arrow's original design.

Other Arrow Woodheaters (Post 1990)

We make about 50 different baffleplates, so it is likely that we can supply you with a suitable baffleplate for your heater. Our baffleplate identification page may help you identify the plate you need. Should we not have a suitable baffleplate, then we have a limited special offer to supply one to your specification for a special price of $100

Normally our baffleplates are in stock and can be picked up or shipped promptly.

You are welcome to contact us for advice on woodheaters and baffleplates. 🕼