Baffleplates for Nectre Woodheaters

Late Model Nectre Woodheaters

Nectre make very nice heaters in South Australia. My younger daughter has one and I enjoy it when visiting. I made a replacement baffleplate for her because it was sagging. To improve on it, I made it stronger. After 2 years there is no sign of any sagging.

Modern Nectre woodheaters have a large baffleplate supported by 3 fixed brackets. Some have a smaller second baffleplate which sits above the main baffleplate and you may not see it. If the main baffleplate needs replacing, remove it and check if there is a second smaller one above and see if it is also due for replacement.

When the heater is cold, removing the baffleplate is easy. Move it forward so that it clears the rear supports (be careful as it weighs a few kilos); then carefully lower the back so the baffleplate clears the front supports. The baffleplate can then be removed from the heater.

We make and normally stock both large and small baffleplates for Nectre woodheaters. Our baffleplates use special materials and are reinforced to last longer than the manufacturers replacement part

Older Nectre Woodheaters

Early Nectre heater require a completely different baffleplate. It is supported in the firebox by removeable support brackets. We supply baffleplates and support brackets which are suitable for use with our baffleplates. We strengthen our baffleplates to increase their life.

Other Nectre Woodheaters

We make about 50 different baffleplates, so it is likely that we can supply you with a suitable baffleplate for your heater. Our baffleplate identification page may help you identify the plate you need. Should we not have a suitable baffleplate, then we have a limited special offer to supply one to your specification for a special price of $100

Normally our baffleplates are in stock and can be picked up or shipped promptly.

You are welcome to contact us for advice on woodheaters and baffleplates. 🕼