Baffleplates for Majestic Woodheaters

It seems there are two ranges of Majestic Woodheaters; One made years ago and another manufactured more recently in Queensland.

The earlier Majestic woodheaters were made in NZ by Meridian. We make this baffleplate. If anyone wants a baffleplate for the new range, then we are happy to make one. (See below).

We make about 50 different baffleplates, so it is likely that we can supply you with a suitable baffleplate for your heater. Click on the "Enquiry" link below so that we can help you identify s suitable plate for your woodheaterd. You can also contact us directly using the details on our home page.

Should we not have a suitable baffleplate, then we have a limited special offer to supply one to your specification for a bargain price.

Normally our baffleplates (other than the old Majestic baffleplate) are in stock and can be picked up or shipped promptly.

Enquiry. 🕼